Date:   February 1, 2018

A special assembly was organized on the WORLD READ ALOUD DAY on February 1, 2018 in the school premises wherein children enthusiastically read out aloud the extracts from their favourite books with correct pronunciation, intonation and put their views forward in an innovative manner. students prepared placards for the Harry Potter Series.

Reading allows the readers to enjoy and realize the impactful pleasure that the activity radiates. This also can bring out a change in the social fabric of the society.

The occasion and the assembly at one hand appeased the avid readers also motivated others to enjoy the power of words. The students enthusiastically read aloud their favourite texts like HARRY POTTER, GODAN, MATILDA and TOM SAWYER.

Reading aloud builds many important foundation skills, introduces vocabulary, provides a model of fluent reading, and helps children recognize what reading for pleasure is all about. It also promotes linguistic skills.


Date:  JANUARY 25, 2018

Sixty ninth Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Maharaja Agrasen Model School ,CD block, Pitampura. The celebration commenced with the customary unfurling of the national flag by the members of the Management followed by the national anthem. The audience received a warm welcome through an enchanting welcome song presented by students.

The enthusiastic students presented a patriotic song . A thought provoking presentation by students of primary classes reflecting the concern over the grave issue of saving the environment was applauded by all. The melodious music and graceful movements of the dancers were spellbinding. Voter’s pledge was also undertaken on this vital day.

The Manager of the school Sh. R.K Bansal addressed the students and inspired them to save their environment for a better and qualititive life. The Principal Pratibha Kohli also motivated the students to be the harbingers of social change to build a strong and dynamic India.


Date:     DECEMBER 1,2017

An informative, innovative and creative eco friendly exhibition cum cultural extravaganza ‘MELANGE- explore, innovate and create” was held in Maharaja Agrasen Model School CD block,Pitampura. Dr. Nand Kishore Garg, Chancellor of Maharaja Agrasen University,District Solan, H.P graced the occasion. The event was inaugurated by the worthy chief guest and reverent members of the management . The cultural program commenced with the Sarawasti vandana and a welcome speech by the Manager Sh. R.K Bansal .The program proceeded with mesmerizing multi coloured dance performances by students . They projected the global theme reciting the unity of the world through Bengali dance , Kashmiri folk dance, Ahir dance , Russian Dance and German Dance. The annual report portraying the saga of students’ and school’s achievements was presented by the Principal Ms.Pratibha Kohli. The meritorious students were applauded and awarded in the prize distribution ceremony. The exuberance of the performers and the audience was remarkable.

Besides this each and every segment and theme of the exhibition was thought provoking. The Science department reflected the scientific temperament through their working models on Robotics and factors leading to good health.They aptly named their segment `Tinker Zone.’ The art and craft section Kala nidhi sparkled with the hues of novelity.The dazzling array of paper mache, photo frames, glass paintings, paper weights exhibited a beautiful world of creativity and displayed the theme of creating the best out of waste.The Mathematics department presented the mind boggling concepts to pragmatize and connect it with the real life with their theme - ``Unwrapping Mathematical Life’.

Commerce department depicted the new arenas emerging in the field of business .Their models presented the hallmarks of contemporary trends of Commerce and Economics. They depicted the ventures of new start up plans and their emergence in business through a relevant theme- `Ubharta Vanijye’. Social science department showcased its grand exhibits on the theme- ‘Shreshth Bharat ‘projecting the unique traits of our adorable country India.

The theme ‘Cyber Safety and the Need of Internet in our life’ was very well incorporated throughmodels, charts and some games presented by the Computer department which created awareness for the Cyber Safety and made visitors vigilant from the invisible traps of cyber crime through their` Digital Odyssey.’

English department dedicated its presentation for the noble cause of igniting minds towards wild life conservation. Live models, enthralling paintings and portrayal of wild life marked the theme of their title` Wildlife- The Nature’s Trove’ well. They conveyed a vital message of creating awareness towards wildlife conservation and to rebel against atrocity towards animals.

Hindi Department infused the unity and togetherness through the wonderful theme- “Vasudhaiva Kautumbakam”.

Thus the alluring world of exhibits was applauded by all the visitors for their perceptions as well as incorporation of noble ideas. The school Management, the Principal, staff members, and the students were appreciated for exhibiting a grand eco friendly show blended with unparalleled talent of students.


Date:     November 2, 2017

Debate and elocution were two activities conducted for classes xi and xii as a apart of the Vigilance Week celebration on November 2, 2017. The activities catalysed the debating skills of the students who voiced their views vehemently on the topic- Ethical practices in organisations bring down the corruption. The students enthusiastically participated in the activity and left the audience to ponder over the thoughts shared by them. Class xi students too actively participated in the elocution on the topic - How can value education contribute in controlling corruption?

Slogan writing participants too gave a tough competition to their competitors thereby making the vigilance week celebration a grand success.

National science drama

Date:     August 30, 2017 (Wednesday)

Venue:  G.S. Co. Ed. Sr. Sec. School, Kailash Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi

1)Dhruvi Trika (VII A)
2)Siya Kumar (VIII B)
3)Drishti Bharadwaj (VIII B)
4)Tanishk Singhal (VIII B)
5)Sarthak Gupta (VII A)
6)Vanya Lata ( VIII B)
7)Ishit Janghu (VIII B)

Guide Teacher:   poonam naudiyal

The competition was kind of drama in which a team of eight students presenteda story of a girl who wanted to keep her village clean and to achieve this, she decided to use scientific techniques.

Drama was really informative and inspiring. All the students acted very well and tried to convince people to keep their surroundings clean order to achieve the dream of “Swachch Bharat Abhiyan”


Date: September 26, 2017

Maharaja Agrasen Model School , CD - Block , Pitampura , Delhi paid tribute to the legendary king of Agroha- Maharaja Agrasenji on September 26,2017 and remembered his inexorable and philanthropic efforts on the occasion of Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti Celebrations. The resplendent event commenced with a floral salutation by the revered Principal Ms. Pratibha Kohli, Vice Principal Ms. Simmi Bhatia and the staff members. Thereafter, an enlightening speech reiterating his philosophy and principles was presented. These were followed by a mesmerizing and spell binding bhajan on Agrasenji by the students of class VI - VIII. The Principal Ms. Pratibha Kohli extended her warm wishes on the occasion of Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti Celebrations and motivated the students to follow the path laid down by the great visionary and to fulfil their duties towards the nation in keeping their motherland green and clean

Conclusion: The assembly was inspiring & motivational.

Alumni Meet

Date: September 16, 2017

Smriti 2017, The Alumni meet was held in the school with great exuberance. The most awaited event commenced with the registration of the students mentioning their status of admission to various colleges. It was followed up by a short cultural programme initiated by the students to entertain the gathering. Students presented mesmerising performances. They recalled the memorable time spent in the school and appreciated the initiative as well as the unconditional support rendered by their teachers. They were exalted to dance to the enthralling beats of DJ and afterwards they relished the sumptuous lunch and left the institution with indelible memories and gratitude towards it.

PCRA Essay Writing and Quiz Participation

Date: August 24, 2017 , September 18, 2017.

The students of classes VII-X participated in an essay writing competition conducted in the school on August18,2017 on the theme FUEL CONSERVATION .The students enthusiastically participated in the competition and the best two entries were uploaded on PCRA site (Ministry of Petroleum). Petroleum Conservation Research Association organized an online quiz in the last week of August 2017. It was conducted in our school on 24th August 2017. Around 30 students from class VIII to X participated in this quiz. Each student was given a time limit of 10 minutes to attempt 10 questions. This quiz was aimed at developing the knowledge about petroleum, agriculture ,conservation etc.

Report On Essay Writing Competition

An Essay Writing Competition was organised for the students on the topic: “Cleanliness and hygiene in School” on 4 September, 2017 in the school premises during the fourth and fifth period.

Schools not only imparts knowledge, but also play a major role in shaping the overall personality of an individual. Students learn lessons of discipline, honesty and cleanliness from school and therefore it is important to maintain a hygienic atmosphere. The learners enthusiastically participated and actively pen down their views on the topic as to how they can collectively work to keep their school surroundings clean and the need to be aware about the hygiene of their classrooms and other areas of the school.

The sincere response and the active participation of the students was really overwhelming. It was a good platform where the students came up with novel ideas to keep their school environment clean and tidy. Cleanliness, personal hygiene and good sanitation provides a clean school environment for the students to keep them in good health and safe. The significance of maintaining personal hygiene must be inculcated among the students from the very beginning as the school is a place where they learn so many things and it helps them to become a responsible and a healthy individual.

A visit to TERI RETREAT Gwal Pahari ,Gurgaon

Date:     22-08- 2017, Tuesday

Venue:  RETREAT, TERI Gwal Pahari , Gurgaon

1)Vanshika Rajput (IX-A)
2)Rishabh Gupta (IX-A)
3)Khushi Garg (IX-A)
4)Prachi Garg (IX-A)
5)Pooja Garg (IX-B)

Guide Teacher:   Ms. Monika Mittal

The survey was conducted by 5 students of class 9 of M.A.M.S at RETREAT, TERI Gwal Pahari Gurgaon. The students were escorted to TERI GRAM by Ms. Monika MIttal for carrying out investigation studies for National Science Congress 2017-18 . The resource person Mr Umesh Bharati provided valuable information to the students regarding energy efficiency and conservation at TERI campus.

The campus is equipped with battery operated vehicles for transport, helping the staff members and visitors to move from one place to the other.The students were shown a movie about the work and design of TERI campus .

Later a visit was made in the South Block of RETREAT, where the students were made familiar with the eco-friendly techniques used in the rooms like CFC free ACs, solar chimneys for removal of hot air from the room. Also, the electronics in the room is powered by the solar energy that RETREAT produces, installed solar geysers which heat 2000 liters daily, inculcated the concept of green buildings in both South and North Block buildings to reduce the consumption of electricity during the day. The deciduous trees planted in front of the South Block buildings provide shade in the summers and shed their leaves in winters allowing more heat and light to enter the rooms.

After this the students visited the Natural Cooling System which is competent enough to suck cool air from 75m deep inside the earth and circulating it to every room in the campus.

Their lush green gardens had a variety of flowers. TERI has also adopted waste water recycling using plant called the Phragmites australis whose roots are specialized to remove impurities from the waste water. The students were then made familiar with the Biomass Gasifier. It is a 100Kw system which makes fuelwood almost as convenient to use as cooking gas. It also burns such fuel twice as efficiently as the more conventional devices that burn fuel wood directly.Vermicomposting is used to prepare manure from half decomposed leaves within 45 to 60 days. Red worms are used up for this process.
The students also got a chance to visit the Tissue culture department where under controlled temperature and humidity the non-rooting saplings are made to root. The students had a good learning experience and it helped them a lot to put up a good project for the National Science Congress.

Stars of the month (July 2017) and scholar ties


"Excellence is a journey. Discipline is the vehicle". In order to promote disciplined learning among the students, one student from each class I - V were awarded with the "Star of the Month" for showing remarkable progress in disciplined learning. Scholar ties were awarded to the students who scored excellent grades in classes IV and V for the session 2016-17


IT week was celebrated from July 24, 2017 to July 28, 2017 in our school where class wise activities were planned and executed. Students were informed about the activities through screen kept at reception. Students enjoyed many activities like kids pic, let's Plicker, sway, office mix, e-poster and wire framing. Special assembly was conducted on July 25, 2017 where students presented informative skit on cyber safety. Compudon Level 2 qualifiers were also awarded during the assembly. The workshop was conducted for classes VI and VII on July 25, 2017 and July 27, 2017 respectively under peer learning on the Topic : "Swaying with Sway ". The workshop was taken by the Class XI students. Ms Chandni Aggarwal trained the students for taking the workshop. The teacher on Duty with Class VI was Ms Mannu Sachdeva and Class VII was Ms. Kamal Johar


An informative training Scouts and Guides camp was organised in the school grounds of Maharaja Agrasen Model School, C.D. Block, PItampura The camp commenced with an address to all the Scouts and Guides from classes 6 to 8.
Renowned members from the Scouts and Guides team were Shri Mange Ram Ji S.O.C Delhi state,Dr. Manoj and state trainers Shri Joginder Kumar and Dr.Rekha Goswami. They were invited to share their erudition and experience with the ebullient Scouts and Guides. In the initial part of the training, the participants were acquainted with the most vital topics like Oath Taking, Knotting Rules, First Aid, Tracking and Tent Making. They were also made well versed with recitation of the flag songs as well as practice of several kinds of Scout Claps.
The students were provided with scarfs along with their group badges which are an essential part ofthe Scouts and Guides uniform. All the sessions taken up by the trainers were invigorating .
The commitment and involvement of the trainers and the trainees made the camp a success.

A Workshop on Career Counselling

A Workshop on Career Counselling was organised at Maharaja Agrasen Model School, Pitampura on August 10, 2017 for the students of class XI. The resource person Jitin Chawla, career counsellor presented the students a list of various career options in all the three streams. He also informed them about some choices which are gaining popularity in recent times because of the changing trends in the field of education. Children had an opportunity to interact with him and resolve their doubts about their future plans.

ISA Project

Activity 1: Display of Collages on the Sports of India, USA, China, Japan and Australia
As part of the Social Science assignment for the summer vacations, students of Classes VI and VII were asked to prepare Collages, focusing mainly the national and popular sports of the above mentioned countries and famous sportspersons connected with these sports.Students were guided to carry out the assignment with individual efforts with an aim to encourage them to explore their imagination and creative aptitude. Students searched through magazines, newspapers as well as internet and gathered pictures, photographs and other relevant material to form their collages. When asked about their assignment experience, the students conveyed that they thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of doing the activity. The variety and quality of presenting the subject is a proof in itself that the students applied their individual creative capabilities in carrying out their assignments. The collages prepared by the students of Classes VI and VII were displayed on the day of PTM, held on 29 July 2017. They were appreciated by all including the parents, visitors, students as well as teachers.

IT Week

IT week on the Theme “Be Innovative with IT “ was celebrated from July 24, 2017 to July 28, 2017. A plethora of activities was planned for every class. Activities were designed to cater to various skills among the students such as peer learning, programming and research. Junior students enjoyed the activities using Kid-PiX whereas students of class XI took the workshop of class VI and VII on the topic Swaying with Sway under Peer to Peer Learning. Sarthak Jain , school alumni , took a workshop on Deep Learning and Artificial Thinking for class XI and XII. e-Poster activity on the topic Cyber Security was organized for class IX. Special assembly during IT week was conducted on July 25,2017 wherein students of class X presented informative skit on cyber safety. class X scholars and Compudon level 2 qualifiers were felicitated with the scholar ties and certificates respectively. Students enjoyed many activities like kids pic, let's Plicker, sway, office mix, e-poster and wire framing.

Global University Fair

A Global University Fair was organised at ITL Dwarka on August 4, 2017. The aim of the fair was to aware students about the courses which some of the renowned and globally acclaimed foreign universities offer. A few students of class XI and XII along with Vinita Nayyar( English teacher) visited the fair to seek information about the various under graduate courses provided by universities like University of Victoria, Canada, University of Ottawa, Canada, Kent State University, USA, London School of Economics and Political Science and Sail State University, USA to name a few. Children had an opportunity to interact with the resource persons available from the different universities about the courses they want to take up after their schooling.They talked, discussed and gained an insight into foreign universities through information brochures etc.


A complete confluence of versatility, promptness, proficiency, responsibility and conduct makes a perfect leader as well as a champion. Maharaja Agrasen Model School organized the investiture ceremony on July25,2017 in the school premises to honor the new members of the student council. The celebration began by seeking blessings from the Almighty to mark the solemnity of the occasion. Thereafter, each member of the student council was adorned with a tie by our worthy Principal Ms. Pratibha Kohli who later led them for oath taking ceremony. The event concluded with speeches by the former HeadBoy Aditya Dadhech and Headgirl Deepti Nagpal who shared their experience and also encouraged the newly sworn President of Student council,Arya Madaan, Headboy Kartikey Gaur and Headgirl Hiteshi Bhatia to shoulder the responsibilities and steer the school to greater heights. The ceremony ended with the school song followed by the national anthem.



Special Assembly - Labour Day

Maharaja Agrasen Model School ,CD Block , Pitampura celebrated the labour Day on May1,2017 with a special assembly. The assembly began with a brief introduction highlighting the importance of the day. A play was presented to show the dignity of labour. Students presented a dance on the same theme. G.K. questions were asked and pledge was taken on the same theme. In the end , Vice Principal Ms. Simmi Bhatia informed the students about the importance of labour day.

BOOK – FAIR 2017

An annual event of Book-Fair was organized from 24th April to 29th April 2017 in the school premises by Scholastic India pvt. Ltd. to inculcate reading habits among students. A weeklong event provided easy accessibility of a wide variety of books to the parents at one place.


St. Margaret Senior Secondary School organised an event on April 28, 2017 in the school. With an endeavour to promote creative skills and scientific attitude among young students, science rap competition was organised which consisted a series of activities. Two students from our school, Gaurav Chhabra of VIII C and Vinayak of VIII B prepared the science rap on the topic- Space Exploration. Our students also performed well. It was a great learning experience.

World Health Day

Maharaja Agrasen Model School, CD Block, pitampura celebrated the World Health Day, a global health awareness day, on 7th April, 2017 with a special assembly. The assembly began with a  brief introduction highlighting the importance of the day and the theme of the year ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’. A thought and pledge on the importance of health were presented. Students of class IV and V presented a play on health and yoga. GK questions were put up based on the same theme to spread more awareness. In the end Vice Principal Ms. Simmi Bhatia addressed the assembly and informed that World Health Day is celebrated to create awareness among the people to look after their health. She gave some tips to the students to stay healthy. She also told that keeping the health of students in mind, the students should eat healthy snacks and avoid junk food.